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Tecnica Demon Airshell 100 Mens Ski Boots 2011/12

Tecnica Demon Airshell 100 Mens Ski Boots 2011/12

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Demon 100 Air ShellThe all new Demon 100 with Air Shell is for advanced intermediate to expert skiers looking for a top performer that offers excellent fit and comfort.Features the performance characteristics of our race boot, but with a more forgiving fit and flex to ski all day. Fine tune the fit with Air Shell.

Color: Black

Sizes: 22.0 - 31.0 MP

Flex: 100 Last: 98mm - 100mm

Performance and comfort enhancing device! The cuff alignment system is easy to use and effective. It aligns the cuff to follow the shape of the lower leg increasing comfort and enhancing performance. Dual cuff alignment (inside and outside devices) increases the effectiveness. Your specialty retailer can find the perfect alignment for you to enhance performance and comfort.

Flex Adjustment Easy adjustment to soften or stiffen the flex! The flex on the Inferno can be adjusted by removing either 1 or 2 of the rivets found on the rear spine. Using the tool provided remove one at a time until your preferred flex is reached. Be sure to remove the internal ring.

Velcro Spoiler A velcro rear spoiler allows you to easily adjust the spoiler for personalization. It can be moved to different positions, or removed altogether. Need more forward lean or a tighter fit around the lower leg? Leave the Velcro spoiler in place. If you need a more upright position, or more lower leg room, you can remove the spoiler altogether.

45mm Velcro Powerstrap

Alu Buckles

3 Position Catches Fit enhancement around the lower leg made easy! The cuff catches can be easily moved to fit varying leg shapes. The positioning catches have a range of 44mm: 22mm forward and 22mm back and can be moved using the tool provided in the box. Offers better pressure distribution and easy entry and exit!

Hinged Instep Offers better pressure distribution and easy entry and exit! The instep catch is on a hinge allowing it to adjust for better pressure distribution and closure. It can pivot away from the shell allowing the shell to spread without interference allowing easy entry & exit.

Tongue Handle Pull Strap